Newsletter | October 21, 2020

10.21.20 -- What ISVs Need To Know About Changing Payment Processors

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The 5 Questions SaaS CFOs Should Ask Their Controller

As the office of the SaaS company controller becomes ever more strategic—creating higher levels of financial visibility to help drive growth and profitability—the financial organization’s relationship to the controller role must evolve as well.

Winning Big With Alternative SaaS Channels

History is known to repeat itself unless we learn from the lessons that history offers. That’s exactly the approach Taylor Macdonald, SVP Channel Sales at Sage Intacct, took when he was hired to build a cloud channel strategy for this SaaS vendor.

The Complete Guide To Near-Field Communication (NFC) Payments

NFC, or near-field communication, refers to technology that allows enabled devices that are near each other to wirelessly share data. Near-field communication has become an important part of the technology behind mobile payments. This guide will discuss what it is, how it works, and the benefits for integrating this technology into the solutions you offer.

NCSAM Reminds Us Cybersecurity Is Critical Year Round

Anyone who’s ever worked from 比特币交易平台有哪些home knows how distracting it can be. Just a momentary lapse in concentration can lead to an employee clicking on something they shouldn’t, and as soon as they have, it’s too late.

What ISVs Need To Know About Changing Payment Processors

While there are certainly upsides of changing vendors, the process can be a hassle. If an ISV is considering changing payment providers, there are up-front actions that can be taken to alleviate the stress of the process and ensure a seamless transition for your software’s customers. Dan Viscount — SVP and co-general manager, IPOS Division at EVO — recently spoke with Software Business Growth about this and more.