Newsletter | October 7, 2020

10.07.20 -- 3 Types Of Field Service Businesses That Need Integrated Payments

Software Insights
Is Your EHR System Essentially Obsolete In The Eyes Of Practice Managers?

EHR practice management software has become a crucial staple for medical practices. The healthcare industry is in constant flux; regulations and guidelines are always evolving. Navigating these rapidly evolving regulations while finding the most efficient way to manage a practice is a challenge for today’s healthcare providers.

Confessions Of A Subscription CFO: Coping With The Business Challenges Of Growth

It just isn’t easy being a CFO. Your company relies on you for financial leadership, but as your organization grows, so do the challenges. Add it up, and the headaches and sleepless nights are almost inescapable. 

BI Roadblock #6: High Data Latency

Data latency as it applies to business intelligence is “how long it takes for a business user to retrieve source data,” whether it be in the form of a report or dashboard. Even the most sophisticated data systems experience some form of latency, as it takes time to pass data from one server to another, but some are especially prone to latency issues.

3 Types Of Field Service Businesses That Need Integrated Payments

Integrating payments with field service applications gives businesses the ability to accept payments on-site, reduce paperwork, collect revenues faster, and minimize the number of late payments.